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CEO Films aims to develop and produce films both within and outside of the existing film structures in the Netherlands.

CEO Films works with KeyFilm producer Hans de Wolf (Antonia’s Line). CEO Films focuses on the production of unorthodox approaches and scintillating film & television projects, without necessarily always being independent of the Netherlands Film Fund and the Dutch broadcasting establishment.

Terre Rouge (Red Earth) - An Anatomy of Mourning


Titles (at present) between concept and creation

Heijermans Revisited   Thirteen explosive one-act dramas by ‘the Shakespeare of the Low Countries' (Herman Heijermans) – given a radical twist for our times and adapted for television in 2009. Inspired by the BBC’s Shakespeare Retold.

Also: Vlijmen, Narcissus, De Berg M (after Dick Laan), De S-Tapes, De Mediator, Mont Ventoux 

CEO film scripts

For those who appreciate a rough diamond and projects in development:

Stories of love / as you like it is a script about a clash of characters between actors from a big-city theatre company and the local rural population, in the wake of open-air rehearsals for Shakespeare’s comedy As you like it in the countryside of the province of Groningen.

Vlijmen is a script about an unorthodox pregnancy that leads to the unexpected and confrontational reunion of a group of estranged friends. A story about the ‘true nature’ of friendship.


There is no news at present on the progress of the film projects.


Motto CEO

A fact is a fact but perception is reality

Reality is an overrated concept. "Give me the facts!", we often hear. It is not the facts that are crucial, however; it is our interpretation of these facts that determines our reality. Really!

Take the photo below, for example. It is a fact that blocks A and B are the same colour. However often I look at it myself, I still think, "it can’t be true!"

Optische illusie: de vakken A & B zijn van dezelfde kleur

CEO online

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In the box below, you will find a more associative elaboration of the CEO’s motto.

A fact is a fact.....

Not convinced that the two squares really are the same colour? Or very convinced... that this is not the case?

Did that go too quickly?

Just to remove any lingering doubts – click on this link for a slower film: 


We live in stories

Nothing is true. All actions and all communication is distorted. This applies to large-scale conflicts, but also to the smallest action you undertake every morning in the bathroom.

Take, for example, this great experiment by Derren Brown, on how to influence the creative process.

A fact is a fact but perception is reality


We live in stories. This is reality. Who we are and how we function are determined not so much by the events that shape us, but by the interpretations we give to these events and the stories we tell about them; to others and to ourselves. This perception of reality determines who we are and how we do business, enter into friendships, quarrel, et cetera, et cetera.


Everyone is a master storyteller
Of course, only a few people can really tell a story really well; nevertheless, the narrative structure is in the genes of every single human being on earth. This means: we all have the ability to think in cause and effect, to filter information and then select from it based on relevance and usefulness; the art of thinking and acting in terms of structures, plot and theme. Stories are not only the reflection of reality – stories create reality.

This is the motto of CEO

Optische illusie: hangen of klimmen?

The other perspective

The factor that links together all the activities of the Creative Executive Office is a fascination for the story as the driving force behind our behaviour.

In both mediations and conflict management, but also in training, coaching and the creative interventions, the other perspective is central: 'can we look at this situation from another, new and unexpected angle?'

Take conflict management, for example. You could describe every conflict as the struggle between two opposing interpretations of the same events. In narrative mediation, the mediator and the parties together go in search of another perspective: 'are the parties capable, regardless of their own convictions, of working on an alternative story that is constructive and even inspirational?'

Een ander perspectief

Do you have a different point of view?

A fact is a fact but perception is reality.

True, or nonsense? Do you have anything to add, or do you see things differently? Then let me know!

Responses / stories / films / photos can be included both in this 'blog' and under CEO impressions.
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Optische illusie: lopen de cirkels door elkaar...of niet?